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Trail Projects


2011 Initiatives


1.  SIMBS is working with the City of Victoria to help create a small mountain bike skills park in the current area known as Cecilia Ravine.  This project is currently in the planning stages.  In December a small group of local riders met with City park planners and Jay Hoots to help develop ideas for a park plan.  We hope to include several features like pumps, berms, jumps, and log rides that will cater to all ability levels.  The City planners hope to break ground for construction in the late spring of 2011.

2.  Sea to Sea Wilderness park aka “Harbourview” is one of the newest and largest CRD parks.  Located in Sooke, take a right on Harbourview road off of Sooke road.  Throughout 2009 and 2010 SIMBS, the Sooke Bike Club, and other mountain bike volunteers spent hours advocating to include mountain biking in the master park plan for the Sea to Sea.  In 2010 we were successful as the park plan was adopted by the CRD and it includes trails for mountain biking.  In 2011 we hope that the park will officially open to the public so SIMBS can start to host trail maintenance days, develop trail plans, and help develop the park into a great place to ride.

3.  Cobble Hill and Shawnigan is another area on the SIMBS radar. We are currently in discussion with some local riders and builders from the Cobble hill area and we hope to establish a relationship where they can use the SIMBS template to develop a satellite group of advocates north of the Malahat.