Your Board of Directors

President – Angie Murray

Angie began her “riding” career on horses, reaching the level of professional rider, horse trainer and coach.   However after seeing the financial and logistical limitations of the sport, she switched over to mountain biking and the rest has been all down (and up) hill from there.  She describes herself as an avid mountain biker who has steadily been increasing her skills over the past few years.  Starting out on a small Trek Fuel EX, she garnered the nickname “Over the Bars Angie” when attempting to add more speed and technical difficulty to her repertoire.  Now sporting a new Intense Carbine 27.5, she feels confident that she is back on (single) track for further improvements and adventure to enhance her passion for mountain biking.


Vice President – Peter Crain

An East-Coast born kid, Peter has been jumping curbs and skidding knobby-tired bikes since he was eight.  Peter never misses an opportunity to spice things up with wheelies, nose manuals, bunny hops and jumps while he waits for his fellow riders to catch up.  Peter may appear to be stoic on the outside, but get to know him and you’ll soon realize he has a wicked sense of humour waiting to escape at any opportunity.  Peter is excited to work with his fellow board members, especially with all the new changes on the horizon.


Secretary – Iain Mill

Iain is the token Scot on the board of SIMBS, and acts in the role of general dogsbody tackling pretty much whatever task is asked of him.  His first mountain bike was a Specialized Rockhopper Comp he got back in 1999, which he still has and uses on occasion.  Although he has many more years on the pedals, he didn’t get into biking properly until 2009 when he began riding DH on the North Shore in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler.  Since moving to Victoria in 2015, he has started trail riding and loves his Trek Remedy.  He hates climbing trails with a passion, so be warned that if you go for a ride with him, expect lots of huffing, puffing and swearing on the uphill.  But he’s all smiles on the way down again!



Treasurer – Richard Baer

After dealing with a few health issues in the last few years, Richard has a new bionic hip. Which means he can walk his Niner steel hardtail up steeper slopes. It’s not needed on his favorite Hornby trails, particularly Toads’s Wild ride.  Being as he’s semi-retired, contributing to SIMBS as treasurer gets him out of the house and provides an audience for jokes.


Trails Director – Craig Gillett

As an avid outdoor person, Craig started mountain biking in the Kootenays before moving to Victoria, where he has continued to ride over the last twenty years.  Since the early days of riding fully rigid frames with V brakes on fall line trail, Craig has enjoyed riding many trails in many places, however still finds that Hartland has much to offer riders who are looking for a challenge.  Becoming active in SIMBS shortly after arriving in Victoria, Craig has had the pleasure of building and maintaining  trails at Hartland for many years volunteering as a ‘member at large’. Craig’s current goal is to increase access for beginning riders at Hartland while keeping the technical challenges in place.


Communications – Lee Miller

The “micro-phone thriller, the trail killer”. Lee enjoys riding woodwork and exploring new trails. If you see him on the trail, dig out your snacks as he enjoys chatting with people.


Sponsorship – Amber Arthur

Bio coming soon….


Director at Large – Wayne Rix

Wayne’s been with SIMBS since practically the beginning. He leads the introductory rides at Hartland, takes care of map sales and helps out just about everywhere else. And his baking is awesome. SIMBS board meetings wouldn’t be the same without him!



Director-at-Large – Maureen Scott

Maureen’s nickname is crash….  Need we say more?