Who is SIMBS?

The South Island Mountain Bike Society represents the interests of mountain bikers on Southern Vancouver Island.

We are an enthusiastic team of volunteers that advocates for trail access, builds sustainable riding areas, hosts events that promote mountain culture and engages the local community to provide an opportunity for everyone to ride.

Mission Statement

“The voice of Vancouver Island’s Mountain Bike Community”

Our Purpose:

  1. To act to preserve and increase mountain biking access on south Vancouver Island.
  2. To promote responsible off-road cycling.
  3. To organize volunteers to aid in the restoration, development, and maintenance of mountain bike trail systems.
  4. To participate in the planning process for and the management of recreational land as it relates to mountain bike access and use.
  5. To conduct research on how mountain biking affects recreational land.
  6. To provide off road cyclists with education programs including:
    1. mountain bike safety,
    2. mountain bike practices that minimize user conflicts, trail damage and ecological impact,
    3. mountain bike trail planning, building and maintenance.

Our Constitution

A constitution is a system for governance, often codified as a written document, that establishes the rules and principles of an autonomous political entity. Please feel free to check out the SIMBS Constitution.