A note about unauthorized trail "maintenance"

Hello SIMBS members and Riders of Hartland,

arbutus-1This note is directed at certain a individual(s), unknown to us, as well as the general riding population as a friendly reminder.

Recently four tree were cut down on Snakes and Ladders, two of them were Arbutus, which are protected in BC. This is not okay. Aside from the fact it is never okay to cut down trees in any park, it also puts SIMBS credibility at risk with the park landowners (CRD). In turn it then has the potential to put all our trail work and your riding area at risk (sanctioned mountain bike access).

If you see something that looks dangerous, or even a bit of trail you think could be improved, please don’t take matters into your own hands. Email our trail directors, and/or come out to our monthly trail maintenance day. We value your input, and in fact, require it in order to help make the park one you want to ride! We are unable to make every change, and make everyone happy, but we do try our best to find a balance based on input. Not only that, we are also insured on trail maintenance day in the unlikely event there is an injury.

Feel pick up brush, branches and anything else that has fallen on the trail during your rides. In the event something needs to be cut, please notify us and we’ll take care of it.

One last point we’d like to touch on; trail braiding (or Strava lines) is not an acceptable practice. This not only leads to quicker trail erosion and environmental concerns, it can be dangerous for both yourself and other riders. We will (obviously) close up every braid we find, so look twice before before trying for that next KOM™ on that shortcut you created.

Again, this is just a friendly reminder to the 99.9% of Hartland trail users, and if you’re the individual(s) in question please contact us so we can have a (civil) chat.

Your SIMBS Directors

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