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SIMBS makes extensive use of the system, and encourages all riders to use it too. Trailforks is an incredibly useful tool both for riders and for SIMBS. Trail forks provides an app for users to use on their smartphone.

For riders, this allows riders to have an always up-to-date trail map in your pocket, which allows you to see where you are on the map, track your ride, and report any trail issues or maintenance carried out. It also allows you to see any trail issues on the map, so you can plan your ride, rate trails, and give feedback. Finally, it links with Strava, to allow the automatic import of rides from Strava.

For SIMBS, trailforks allows us to be informed about any trail issues, and rectify any urgent issues (e.g. downed trees), as well as advise riders of any temporary trail closures (such as when BC hydro were doing work on the power lines, meaning temporary closure of shock treatment). In addition, we can track trail maintenance hours and trail usage, which we can provide to the land owner to demonstrate (a) the value of the land access to the public, and (b) that we are carrying out maintenance as per our agreements.

So with this in mind, we strongly encourage riders to download the trailforks app, available here, and track your rides using it (or Strava, with Strava linked to a Trailforks account).

The Trailforks guide to linking to Strava is available here.