Your Board of Directors

President – Peter Crain

Popping wheelies since he was a very young lad, Peter sees biking trails as a playground to enjoy with friends. He looks forward to being apart of the future of Mountain Biking in Victoria.


Vice President – Daniel Smith

Outdoorsy from the get-go, hiking, biking, and camping with Scouts Canada. Daniel left the lovely Westcoast for school in 2013, graduated in 2017 and jumped back on bike, I mean board to help mt. biking stay alive at mount work and beyond! He would love to hear your ideas and promote safe, fun, and healthy riding for all ages and skill levels. See you on the trails!


Secretary and Membership – Iain Mill

Iain is the token Scot on the board of SIMBS, and acts in the role of general dogsbody tackling pretty much whatever task is asked of him.  His first mountain bike was a Specialized Rockhopper Comp he got back in 1999, which he still has and uses on occasion.  Although he has many more years on the pedals, he didn’t get into biking properly until 2009 when he began riding DH on the North Shore in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler.  Since moving to Victoria in 2015, he has started trail riding and loves his Norco Sight.  He hates climbing trails with a passion, so be warned that if you go for a ride with him, expect lots of huffing, puffing and swearing on the uphill.  But he’s all smiles on the way down again!


Treasurer – Emily Boyle

Bio coming soon….


Co-Trails Director – Jesse Jubinville

Bio coming soon….


Co-Trails Director – Andrew Mickelson

Bio coming soon….


Trails Advocacy – Alon Soraya

Bio coming soon….


Trails – Partridge Hills – Matthew Poirier

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Planning – Partridge Hills – Aran Puritch

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Sponsorship – Emily Pridham

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Recruiting – Wayne Rix

Wayne’s been with SIMBS since practically the beginning. He leads the introductory rides at Hartland, takes care of map sales and helps out just about everywhere else. And his baking is awesome. SIMBS board meetings wouldn’t be the same without him!


Demo Days – Maureen Scott

Maureen’s nickname is crash….  Need we say more?


Trails Advocacy – Partridge Hills – Mike Mangin

A career Naval officer, Mike has been in and out of Victoria a few times. He bought his first mountain bike 15 years ago after borrowing a friend’s and remembering what it felt like to be 12 years old again and riding a BMX at the local track. He works hard to recapture that feeling every time he gets out for a ride! Most of Mike’s mountain biking has been in the eastern half of the continent and really cut his teeth on the rock of the Canadian Shield. Moving back to Victoria in 2017 Mike is enjoying learning the trails at Hartland and his participation in trail maintenance days lead to volunteering with the Board. He has an interest in mountain bike tourism and how communities can grow tourism with a cycling focus. When not riding, Mike likes to sail, ski, and kayak.


Social Media – Lee Miller

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Brand Image and Marketing – Mike Carter

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Communication – Cheekwan Ho

Cheekwan started mountain biking in 1990 in Vancouver and fell in love with it. She’s dabbled in XC and now enduro races, but mostly just has fun. As a SIMBS board member, she hopes to help grow the mountain bike community so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the sport safely and responsibly.


Kids MTB Advocate – Yvonne Mendel

Yvonne Mendel organizes lots of free biking events for children in Victoria. She is working to spread the stoke and get more children under the age of 10 mountain biking. She has helped over 150 children ride bikes and is increasing awareness amongst families about all biking facilities on Southern Vancouver Island.

She has been working since September 2016 to push for a bike skills park at Topaz Park near Mayfair Mall.

She is a mother and can be found most often riding Cecelia Ravine, North Saanich Bike Park or commuting by bike like a madwoman between biking advocacy meetings. Yvonne is the vice-president of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC).


Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – Mike Wulder

Bio coming soon….


Web Design – Rivers Mitchell

As a mountain biker for over 30 years, I have seen the sport grow from a few weirdos in the forest to the awesome sport it is today. I may never have a KOM, but I love being out on the bike and having fun.


Insurance Liaison – Katherine Wright

Bio coming soon….