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SIMBS is a not-for-profit organization run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers who advocate for trail access, build sustainable riding areas, hosts events that promote mountain culture and engages the local community to provide an opportunity for everyone to ride.

We are the voice of South Vancouver Islands Mountain Bike Community.

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Hey everyone, what are you doing friday evening? Bet all this snow means that you won't be riding your bike. Come to the Vic Theatre and check out the The Moment movie showings we are hosting on Friday evening! There are two showings, 5:30pm and 7:30pm. Tickets are available at the below links!

5:30 pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/1815627855396322/

7:30 pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/175877686473938/

Less than 48 hours until the doors open! See you all there!!
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Renegade Trails, Shortcuts and SARS

Parks, such as Hartland/ Mt Work, provide us with the opportunity to be outdoors and commune with nature. The mandate of the CRD is to preserve these areas for all to enjoy. Without trails, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the parks around us. Yet without planning, trails can have a negative impact on the very thing we are trying to preserve and enjoy.

Trails are built for many reasons: to access a viewpoint, to get from A to B, or just to experience the beautiful West Coast forest. In the case of MTB, trails are also built because a line is fun, exciting, or 'gnar'. If these trails are not provided, people will make them. More people, more trails.

MTB'ers are now having a greater impact on the landscape. When little trails open up that are the work of somebody who just wants to make a shortcut, or roll down a rock near a trail, a trail system can become very confusing to all trail users. Little shortcuts are also difficult to map, and even more difficult to search in the event of a mishap - a nightmare for SARS.

The initial impact is small, but will have a destructive effect over time if it is not managed in a responsible fashion. If there is any doubt regarding the impact of going off piste, having multiple braiding lines, or trail widening, please consider a trip out to the Frisbee Golf area off Millstream road at the old access to the trails on Skirt (now Bear) Mountain. The ground has been walked bare from people retrieving frisbees. There is no longer any undergrowth.

Trail builders, sanctioned or otherwise, need to keep a big picture in mind. There is very little sanctioned riding terrain in Victoria so we should make the most of it. Consider the journey from A to B instead of the most direct line. Hopefully this is the case with the builder opening up a new line near Trillium. Consider also that it is impossible to keep a trail hidden. Ten years ago a rake and ride might have lasted for years, but now, the tread is exposed to much more traffic so it needs to be carefully planned and well built right from the beginning. While it is easy and quickly gratifying create shortcuts or 'rake and ride' trails, our Parks and community will bear the effects from the lack of forethought and effort.

SIMBS Trails Director
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Winter conditions at Hartland...,

and the riding is superb. Just ask this guy.....
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Have you purchased your tickets yet for the Moment Movie on February 23rd? Here is a look at the film maker Darcy. ... See MoreSee Less

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