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SIMBS is a not-for-profit organization run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers who advocate for trail access, build sustainable riding areas, hosts events that promote mountain culture and engages the local community to provide an opportunity for everyone to ride.

We are the voice of South Vancouver Islands Mountain Bike Community.

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Annual Trails Report

The Trail Crew had a good year. Goals for the year were to attend to environmental issues, improving lower trails for intermediate riders, restore some of the rotted out log rides, try to get more people out for maintenance days, and capture all of the hours and reports on Trailforks.

Many thanks to all the people who came out to give back to the trails. You have made a huge contribution to sustainability of the trails system.

The beginning of the year saw several winter storms come through so many days were spent clearing the trails of blowdown. The CRD even came out to help clear the Regional Trail and a tricky hanger on Phase 2. On the environmental front, a portion of North Ridge was rerouted out of a season creek and got a new log ride. Waterworks, also in a creek, had a large tree come down accross it so that made the re-route a priority. Many other trails had small areas drained or roots armoured with rock. For intermediate riders, work was done on Two Trees, One Less Car, Madonna, and Shock Treatment. Dave's Line now has an optional bypass around the crux of the trail. The Green Ribbon jumps were refurbished and Snakes got the usual flow and optional feature tweaks. More work can be seen in the photos.

Trail Forks allowed the total hours to be quickly summarized. Over time these reports will become a rich data source. There were 1110 volunteer hours recorded in 2017. At the CRD "maintenance worker' base rate of $22.05/hour, SIMBS volunteers contributed $24k worth of volunteer labour to public parks. This is in Hartland alone. Mountain Bikers have also contributed many hours to the Nature Trails Society initiatives. I would hazard a guess that, as a group, MTB riders are the most active and generous Trail Stewards in CRD parks.

2018 should also be a good year. The trail Crew will be out Sunday, Jan 28th (instead of the usual 3rd Sunday).

Happy Trails to all in 2018
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Bike Wash Stand

We have a new bike wash stand at Hartland parking lot. Thank you Aaron Mills. It was needed and I am sure it will get lots of use in the coming days with all the rain and ensuing mud in the forecast. It was wet out there last evening. There was surface run-off and seepages everywhere. The seasonal creek on Centrefold was almost overflowing its banks. I was soaked back at the parking lot so it was nice to have somewhere dry and warm to change. The building that houses the bathrooms and the Trail Maintenance Shed was built about 15 years ago by the Victoria Construction Association after SMBS applied for their yearly grant project to a deserving group. It sure has seen a lot of use over the years. Heat, lights, electricity for the air compressor and daily maintenance are covered by the land manager, the CRD. The compressor was supplied by a SIMBS member if I recall correctly. Pretty good setup overall.
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We are thrilled to announce that we have reached a formal agreement with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and RSTBC to maintain the trails on Seymour in the area know as the "Blair Rifle...

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