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Hartland is the most easily accessible and popular riding area in Victoria. Whether you are looking for a quick after-work ride or a three-hour adventure, you can find it at Hartland. The technical singletrack trails that wind between Douglas fir, cedar and arbutus trees on the slopes of Mt. Work provide classic west-coat mountain biking and if you don’t mind getting wet, you can ride there year-round.

The parking lot lies at the end of Hartland Avenue. Look for it on the right just before the gate to the landfill. Search Google Maps for “hartland dump” and you will be all set. The parking lot has washrooms, bulletin boards and a bike wash station. The trailhead is across the road from the parking lot and just past it under the hydro lines is the technical training area (TTA) where you can hone your skills on skinnies, teeter totters and drops. Plans are in place to replace the TTA with new structures and a pumptrack in 2012.

Trails are rated green (mainly doubletrack suitable for beginners), blue (intermediate), or black (advanced). The Hartland map, available at local bike shops, provides suggested routes to get you started. Beginners will have a tough time at Hartland unless guided by someone who knows the trails well. You might be interested in a SIMBS introductory ride if you are new to the area, and also body armour!

You will see all kinds of mountain bikes at Hartland but most riders are 5-6” full suspension bikes. Trails are typical west coast cross country, so expect rolling, rooty, rocky trails with some short tough climbs. The downhill-only Torpedo Run trail is the exception with tabletops, berms and hips.