The South Island Mountain Bike Society (SIMBS) is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-powered organization that promotes mountain biking on South Vancouver Island. In addition to maintaining the trails of Hartland Bike Park, the largest trail network in Greater Victoria, SIMBS advocates for the needs of the broader off-road cycling community in the region.

Our Mission

SIMBS was incorporated in 1998, with the primary purpose being to preserve and increase mountain biking access on Southern Vancouver Island. Since then, SIMBS has established and looked after Hartland (an extensive trail network within Mount Work Regional Park, 20 minutes from downtown Victoria), helped authorize the Harbourview trail network, and been instrumental in advocating for the creation of new sanctioned biking within the Greater Victoria Area.

Run by riders, for riders

SIMBS is made up of hundreds of mountain bikers of all ages, abilities, and motivations, organized by a 100% volunteer board. We share one common motivation: wanting the best possible riding in Victoria, the South Island, and beyond. 

World-class trails, one builder at a time

For decades, SIMBS volunteers have dedicated their time and energy to maintaining and expanding the trails at Hartland. Some volunteers have been coming to our trail days since the very beginning, but every trail day brings new builders of all ages and abilities. Our community trails days are all about that -- the community! -- so everyone is encouraged to attend the trail days. 

The voice of South Island mountain biking

Before a shovel ever hits dirt, hundreds (or thousands!) of hours go into community organization and advocacy. SIMBS coordinates with local, provincial, and national allies -- as well as a variety of stakeholder groups -- to further the interests of anyone who rides bikes in the great outdoors. We take pride in being responsible stewards of the lands we have the privilege to access, and use our experience to tirelessly lobby for new off-road riding throughout the Greater Victoria Area.

Meet The Team

Brendon Earl


Brendon is a born and raised Islander. He's been mountain biking since his youth in Nanaimo and has grown passionate about all genres of off-road cycling. Working as a Software Engineering Manager, Brendon brings along an organized problem-solving attitude to find ways for SIMBS to grow its impact. Brendon is excited to continue elevating SIMBS by focusing on the volunteer experience through meaningful work and creating a collaborative environment. Brendon's always happy to get out and meet, just get in touch!

Favourite trail at Hartland: Torpedo Run

Randy Wetmore

Vice President

Originally from New Brunswick, Randy has spent most of his life on a bike despite the lack of usable vertical terrain on the East Coast.  Moving to the west coast more than a decade ago to enjoy a more active life and deeper relationship with the outdoors, he fell in love with mountain biking during the pandemic.  Aspiring to further develop his skills and be on the trail’s multiple times every week, Hartland has become his haven to recharge.

Randy is excited to use his sales and business development background to assist SIMBS connect with local community members and business with sponsorship and funding opportunities.  Specifically, driving funding and sponsorship, exposure, and understanding of the society and its mission through proactive outreach.

Favourite trail at Hartland: Who's Your Daddy

Tracey Janes


A (nearly) lifelong West Coaster, Tracey has been mountain biking in Victoria since 2009 but found a new passion for the trails during the pandemic in 2020. In her non-biking time, Tracey is a mom, runner, skier, and wannabe surfer. Tracey has worked in the provincial government for 15 years and tries to bring the skills she’s learned there to the work of SIMBS. Bring on the collaboration, planning, and continuous improvement!

Favorite trail at Hartland: Dave’s line

Chris Luginbuhl


Chris grew up exploring the wilds of Toronto’s Don Valley by bike, and got more involved in the mtb community as a teenager while working as a bike mechanic. He got the chance to move to Victoria in 2021, and joined SIMBS the day he arrived. He continues to be amazed by the incredible trails on Vancouver Island, and the people that work hard to make them possible. 

Favorite trail at Hartland: Sofa King

Jesse Jubinville

Trail Director

Jesse was born and raised in Victoria, shredding Thetis Lake area on his bmx before taking up mountain biking in the early 90s. He's been riding and building trails ever since and will continue until his wee lil legs can't push down the pedals anymore.

Favourite trail at Hartland: The ones that go up. The ones that go down. The ones that go across. The smooth ones. The janky ones. I like them all for different reasons!

Catch Jesse working alongside the Trails Director on groundwork within Hartland and taking the lead on trail maintenance days!

Mahon Lamont

Advocacy Director

Mahon Lamont grew up in a mountain biking family in Whistler. He raced nationally in xc before attending the University of Victoria in 2015 to complete his Mechanical Engineering Degree, graduating in 2020. Since 2018 he has been a mountain bike coach for The Cycling Co. Recently he has transitioned from racing xc to racing enduro. Mahon’s passion is advocating for trails and growing the mountain bike community. His ideal vision for South Island riding is climbs that allow for faster climbing that get you to the top of sustained descents.

Favourite trail at Hartland: 90's Jank

Liz Cox

Events Director

As a lifelong Vancouver Islander, Liz is happiest outdoors and on a bike. A PMBI 2 coach, her passion is getting more people on bikes and growing their skills, especially creating spaces for more women, girls and other underrepresented groups. In the fall she can be found passing out handups and words of encouragement between racing her CX bike with her team of misfit bikers, Buttcat Factory Racing.Liz brings with her a background of mental health work and sees the immense value creating and maintaining natural spaces offers the community. When time and her body allows, she loves trail building and helping run events in the community.Favourite trail in Hartland: 90s Jank

Bailey Avenno

Community Director

A South Island local, Bailey grew up exploring our trails and getting lost in the woods. After more than a decade living, working, and travelling around the world, our rocks and roots called him home once again to lay down some of his own. From commuting to mountain, road to gravel, it wasn’t long before the wheels started turning with how to share his passion for pedalling and encouraging others that might benefit from its power to support mental and physical health. A life-long introvert, Bailey joins the board as community director in hopes of encouraging riders of all stripes to step outside their comfort zones and participate in growing our South Island cycling community.

Keegan Holme

Director at Large

Keegan grew up in Victoria, and started learning how to mountain bike at Hartland at 11 years old. Racing downhill and enduro, participating in freeride competitions, organizing riding clubs and just riding for fun has kept Keegan enjoying bikes over the years. After living in the Okanagan and lower mainland and eventually landing back in Victoria he is stoked to help build new trails and ride some of the greatest spots in BC.

Favorite trail at hartland: Organ Donor or Small Craft Warning depending on the day

Caleb Woiwod

Director at Large

After a long hiatus, Caleb found mountain biking again in 2020 as a way to stay active and improve his mental health. Since then, he has wanted to improve the riding experience in the South Island region by giving back to the trails and now the society that governs them. Caleb is passionate about getting people active and believes that time in the woods is one of the best ways to do that!

Favourite trail at Hartland: 90's Jank

Tony Lovett

Director at Large

Tony started mountain biking in the early days of the sport. Buying his first mountain bike in 1984, he tried to summit the Fraser Valley’s Mount Cheam on two wheels and came close by reaching the glacier. He was hooked for life. Lucky to have lived in many parts of Canada and a couple other continents, he mountain biked at every opportunity. Meeting great people along the way, it has always been about max fun on two wheels. Sixteen mountain bikes and 40 years later, Tony ended up in Victoria and has volunteered to work with SIMBS to give back to the local community.

Favourite trail in Hartland: 90s Jank.

Andrew Mickelson

Hartland Trail Lead

Andrew grew up in Ontario where he skied and biked and dreamed of the mountains.  He has since relocated to British Columbia and has been digging and riding at the Dump for the last 15 years.

Favourite trail at Hartland: Mindbender

Catch Andrew working alongside the Trails Director on groundwork within Hartland and taking the lead on trail maintenance days!

Matt Lawrence

Community & Events Coordinator

Matt is an Alberta transplant to Victoria BC. After discovering mountain biking on the coast he was immediately hooked. Entranced by all things cycling and a love for grassroots community, and the outdoors, Matt is stoked to be able to fire up extra energy and get some events off the ground at SIMBS.

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Our Constitution

A constitution is a system for governance, often codified as a written document, that establishes the rules and principles of an autonomous political entity. Please feel free to check out the SIMBS Constitution.

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